NewValley Group consists of several subsidiaries with dedicated teams within cutting edge R&D and maintance of huge IT infrastructures. We can take care of demanding IT platforms designed to deliver quality in every aspect.

Our services.


We provide consultant services to every aspect of the IT platform, providing you with the comfort of knowing that your projects are getting taken good care of.


Keeping your IT Infrastructure secure isn’t always an easy task. Together with our experience you can stop worrying about the increasing risk and focus on your business.


Most of us are never aware of the risks facing us. Trough detailed analysis can we create an overview of both the risks and how to handle them. Never worry again.


If you are creating a new IT infrastructure from scratch or improving your existing solution, we can help. We know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t learn it the hard way.


Our development team includes developers with experience from numerous platforms. We know our way around everything from Linux to Windows. Yes, it’s true


Making sure that IT resources are used the right way is never easy. We can help you analyse workloads and give detailed information on your systems performance.

The user’s going to pick dancing pigs over security every time.– Bruce Schneier

Who we are.

In a jungle of service providers, NewValley Group is there to help you take care of your dancing pigs.

We want our customers to keep focusing on delivering the services they specialize in, not using valuable time securing their IT infrastructure. NewValley delivers high quality services to a continually growing IT industry.

NewValley manages several subsidiaries delivering a variety of services to the different aspects of the IT industry. We do everything from consultancy services to maintaining and operating heavy IT infrastructures.